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Coca-Cola inspired cupcakes

A co-worker has a love of Coca-cola, and salted caramel macarons. For her Birthday this year I made her Coca-cola inspired cupcakes and a huge box of salted caramel macarons. The coke can cake toppers are made of fondant painted with edible silver food paint. Make a coke can mould by rolling out a thick disc of left over fondant and pressing the can into the fondant then letting the fondant dry over night. The next day the dry fondant mould can be lightly dusted with cornflour or painted with a very thin layer of oil and used several times to make lots of coke can toppers. Make a few moulds if you need a large quantity of toppers as the fondant moulds do wear out fairly quickly. Old or left over fondant can be used to make moulds of a large variety of simple shapes and objects.

fondant coca cola cupcakes



coca cola cupcakes


There are another three layers of macarons under the top layer shown.

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