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Mini Cheesecakes Recipe

Mini Cheesecakes

A classic simple cheesecake recipe.

This is a recipe I got from a friend at work. It’s the best cheesecake recipe I have ever encountered; and although it may look a little difficult, it’s surprisingly easy to make. These cheesecakes are light and very soft and completely unlike most of the dense, heavy and overly sweet cheesecakes most of us are used to.

Mini cheesecake

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Katsu Chicken with Tonkatsu Sauce Recipe

Katsu Chicken, with Tonkatsu Sauce Recipe

This is one of my favourite Japanese dishes, which amusingly is a variation of Tonkatsu which is effectively the Japanese take on pork schnitzel.

Tonkastu sauce on its own has a quite acidic, nearly metallic flavour. Over Kastsu chicken or Katsu pork (tonkatsu) it is amazing. It has the ability to soak past the crunchy coating to the meat without making the coating soggy.

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Thai Ginger Chicken

Thai Ginger Chicken

A very easy recipe that is bursting with flavour and a great introduction to Thai and Asian cooking.

This is my own recipe mostly cobbled together from a lot of trial and error. I am mad for ginger, hair colour jokes aside, and fell in love with this dish when I went to Thailand for the first time. I would order it every chance I got and never got sick of it. There really is nothing more refreshing after a long hot day of shopping, sight-seeing and trying not to get sunburnt, than sitting down to a good portion of ginger chicken and a Chivas Regal. ahhh.

So here is my recipe and I feel it tastes pretty close to if not better than anything I have had in Thailand.

This recipe is very forgiving and can be adjusted very easily to suit different tastes.

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The Melting Moments Biscuit Recipe

Melting Moments – The Ultimate indulgence.

The very best recipe for melting moments I have ever encountered. These biscuits have become near legend in the offices I have worked in around Perth. I still get the odd forlorn message from ex-workmates letting me know they miss my biscuits…. When I cook them for my current workplace I always make a jar to send to our second office.   It’s a big call, but I would say these would be near the top of the list as an all time greatest biscuit. My favourite biscuits to cook, share and of course eat, they are quite fragile and have a momentary gentle biscuit crunch to them before they dissolve into a gentle lemon tang.

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Rollout Fondant Icing Recipe

Christmas cake

This recipe makes enough icing to cover a 6” cake with a 0.5 to 0.9cm thick layer of icing. (I tend to roll it a lot thinner and stretch to stretch it over bigger cakes). The fondant created is soft and pliable, good for quickly sealing and decorating a simple cake. For more advanced cakes it will set hard in about two days, making it perfect for creating a firm base for decorating more intricate fruit cakes for weddings etc.  I also use it for coarsely modelled flowers like the ones on the top of the Christmas cakes in my photos. You should use modelling paste really, but I find it works just fine with a bit more glycerine as long as you model the flowers quickly.

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