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Our Wedding Dance

We started going to beginner ballroom lessons at Gilkisons in Perth when we were still just friends. So when we got engaged we decided to have a few private lessons with a teacher who could choregraph a special dance for our wedding.

We wanted to do something more traditional and entertaining to watch, like a Modern Waltz. We looked at a heap of wedding dances on Youtube and realised  that almost no one does an actual Waltz for their first dance, most couples do the Slow Rhythm. Our “traditional” Waltz was apparently not that traditional after all… We practiced the waltz for a few months with out teacher Nancy and on a whim decided to add a Tango for something completely unexpected to entertain our guests and challenge ourselves.

This was our first dance as husband and wife. The music was much louder than we expected. This is also the first time we’ve ever danced with an audience. It was a huge hit on the night – especially the ending.

We had to work hard together to learn the dance and we learned early on that clear communication is the only way to ensure we got through the routines. Especially on the night to overcome the nerves, crowd and unexpectedly super loud music.


Image courtesy of Objektiv Photography http://www.objektiv.com.au

Natasha changed to her dancing Shoes and black Stockings, and pinned her dress up on the sides for the dance (and for safety sake).

The waltz song was an instrumental version of “Fascination” and the Tango was an instrumental version of “El Tango De Roxanne”.

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