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Origami – Angel


Origami - DamaFolded by Robert Harwood

This is one of my most favorite origami models of all time. The model was designed by Mario Adrados Netto and is called “Dama”. His version is slightly menacing in aspect, when I fold it I soften the lines on the wings more and give it a much more gentle appearance overall. This model is folded by me from a single 15 cm square of foil backed paper. The final model height is about 7cm.

Below I have included a link to a set of 34 step by step photos, these should complement any written instructions you might already have.

Origami - Angel (Dama)

Origami – Angel (Dama)

Origami - Dama

Origami – Angel

Origami Angel (Dama)

Origami Angel (Dama)

Here is a model I folded a few years ago, it is folded from a large foil backed sheet I made using tissue paper and kitchen foil.

Folded by Robert Harwood


Here is a set of 34 step by step photographs that should complement any written instructions. Click the first thumbnail to view the full photo set in detail.

This example was a made using a 15cm square of foil backed paper. For a first attempt use a sheet of thin foil backed paper that is at least 30cm wide. Using a bigger sheet is not only easier but allows for a much more detailed and graceful model.





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  1. lunalula

    it was very interesting to read onefrowningredhead.com
    I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?

  2. onefrowningredhead

    Go for it, glad you enjoyed my ramblings.
    I unfortunately do not have an active twitter.

  3. gerald

    hey do you mind helping me in step 4 to 10 of angel because in step 4 i get stuck already 🙁

  4. onefrowningredhead

    Sure thing, I’ll give it a shot. I have a busy couple of days but I’ll go back over the instructions and see if I can find a more clear way of interpreting those steps.

  5. gerald

    thank you so much

  6. gerald

    About the steps 4 to 10 how are you going to show it?

  7. onefrowningredhead

    I’ll fold one and try to take good photos at each step; hopefully it will help. If there is anything that is still not clear from the photos let me know and I’ll unfold back to that step and send you a short youtube vid. Will take a little while though.

    Also, what paper are you using? I have once made this with normal paper but it was VERY VERY difficult and came out too thick in some parts. I always use thin foil backed paper for this one (I have a lot of difficulty obtaining the foil backed paper), or make my own paper using tissue paper, a thick layer of spray adhesive and kitchen foil.

    If I am attempting a new and difficult piece of origami I usually try first with a home made foil sheet that is at least 25cm on each side.

  8. gerald

    i use homemade tissue foil like yours ,but i can’t really get the steps 4 to 10. and take your time about the photos

  9. gerald

    hey it’s been a while . hows it goin

  10. onefrowningredhead

    Hi Gerald,
    I have finished a set of 34 step by step photos; you can view the full set by clicking the thumbnails at the bottom. Hopefully these will help.

    The model does start to get a little confusing when you have to collapse the top back layer separately to the front layer. Just be patient and persistent the model takes some persuading to make it all fall into place.

  11. gerald

    thank you so much for the pictures . i will tell you the results when i finished the model wish me luck

  12. gerald

    i just finished it the result is good, but i think yours still better than mine and thank you again now i can make the devil and the medusa thank you

  13. onefrowningredhead

    Cool I haven’t seen those models, are they by the same author, can you recommend the book or site the diagrams are on?

  14. gerald

    im so sorry for the late reply my computer got broken. anyways the medusa and the demon is made from the same author , and it’s called seres the ficcion , can’t remember it , but i think you already known this since its been such a long time

  15. onefrowningredhead

    Thanks heaps for replying, I will look up the series they came from it sounds really nifty 🙂

  16. gerald

    correction * it was serres de ficcion. and it’s not a demon it’s called mefisto still it looks like a demon

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