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This site has moved – New website

New Website, I am in the process of moving everything from this site over to The new site will have a clearer purpose and is put together a bit better. So wander over and check out any feedback is welcome. Thanks for visiting this site, I hope you Like the new one. 🙂   …

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Our Wedding Dance

We started going to beginner ballroom lessons at Gilkisons in Perth when we were still just friends. So when we got engaged we decided to have a few private lessons with a teacher who could choregraph a special dance for our wedding. We wanted to do something more traditional and entertaining to watch, like a Modern …

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Project 30 – One month photo project

Project 30. An idea from a friend of mine. A group of us decided to take one creative photo a day for a month. These are mine. Based on the project 365 idea but with the more realistic goal of only 30 days. No photoshopping; the aim is that the initial image taken by the camera is strong enough, and hopefully we improve our skills a bit. I was really pleased with some of the pictures, but I did find it a big struggle to find interesting things to photograph each day especially because most days I go to the same places work and home.

Check out the photo experiments album to see the other photos taken on really good days had a few days where there were some really great for photos.

2nd September 2010


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Perth is a beautiful city – photos

Photos of Perth with some pretty neat reflections. Photos taken in September on a couple of quick visits to Perth.

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Fun photos

I wanted a fun distraction at lunchtime today, it was a great but really busy morning – then I was left alone at lunchtime… So I made some replacement workmates while my ‘real’ ones were out of the office. My ‘real’ workmates were a little worried when they got back to find I had cloned myself…

This was a fun experiment, and surprisingly quick too, 5 minute shoot, half an hour on photoshop.

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Toodyay and Brigadoon 26th June 2010

I couldn’t resit the chance to revisit my favourite photo spots as the weather was so amazing this weekend. Middle of winter, a bit cold but totally cloudless and very bright and clear. Bells Rapids was looking nice with water coming back.

Toodyay was breathtaking with more and more green and life returning. I have taken lots of photos of these places, especially Toodyay, but this last set are my favourite, the colours are so rich they look almost painted.

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Toodyay, Applecross, Brigadoon

Tree near Bells Rapids, Brigadoon. New photo albums have been added. I have revisited some of the places that I enjoyed taking photos of in the last six months. I love to revisit places in different seasons and under different lighting conditions to see how much the area has changed. There are a few other new albums as well, these are just my favourites at the moment.

Dragon tree, finds new life after the fire.

The most recent photos of Toodyay are pretty interesting. Even though just over half a year has past, there are some badly affected parts of Toodyay that are now only just starting to show signs of life.

My favourite shot of the day. I used a CPL and an ND4 filter to slow down the exposure and sharpen the image. This image is not photoshopped.The Yacht club at Applecross was also fun to revisit. This time to experiment with a circular polarising filter and a neutral density filter. I achieved some interesting effects.

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Check out all of the albums by clicking on the photos tab at the top of the page or click here:

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Photo Albums added!

AVELING bear in Thailand, Koh Panyi

Click the photos tab at the top of the page to see all my albums.

After trying unsuccessfully to put together a few good photo albums of things I like, have painted or photographed onto my site I have finally discovered fotobook. This nifty Wordpress plug-in has allowed me to instantly upload all of my facebook albums complete with the original photo descriptions .

Check out my photo albums and my paintings and there are a few albums with photos taken on weekend photo trips with workmates who are mad keen photography buffs, who have very kindly inspired me and helped me to learn how to take better photos.

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