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Fun photos

Photography doesn’t need to be time consuming or even well planned. These photos were all fairly impromptu. The ‘work’ photo took less than 5 minutes to setup and shoot. The Flame trees were caught in the last useful 7 minutes of sunlight on my drive home from work. The Northam photos were a 20 minute wander around my Aunt’s place in Northam on my last visit.

I wanted a fun distraction at lunchtime today, after a really busy morning I was left alone at lunchtime… So I made some replacement workmates while my ‘real’ ones were out of the office. My ‘real’ workmates were a little worried when they got back to find I had cloned myself…

This was a fun experiment, and surprisingly quick too, 5 minute shoot, half an hour on photoshop. 

Click on any of the photos below to view the full set.

Flame trees on the drive home from work. They could have benfited from using a tripod or taking more time, but I was racing the setting sun.



Northam 1st of August, very bright clear winter day, none of these photos were photoshopped.



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