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Project 30 – One month photo project

Project 30. An idea from a friend of mine. A group of us decided to take one creative photo a day for a month. These are mine. Based on the project 365 idea but with the more realistic goal of only 30 days. No photoshopping; the aim is that the initial image taken by the camera is strong enough, and hopefully we improve our skills a bit. I was really pleased with some of the pictures, but I did find it a big struggle to find interesting things to photograph each day especially because most days I go to the same places: work and home.

Check out the photo experiments album to see the other photos taken on really good days. I had a few days where there were some really great for photos.

1st September 2010 



2nd September 2010 


 2nd September 2010  


 3rd September 2010 

4th September 2010 


4th September 2010 

5th September 2010 

5th September 2010  

6th September 2010 

7th September 2010  

8th September 2010  
9th September 2010  
10th September 2010 


11th September 2010  
12th September 2010 

13th September 2010  
14th September 2010  
15th September 2010 
16th September 2010 
17th September 2010  
18th September 2010  
19th September 2010  

20th September 2010  

21st September 2010

22nd September 2010 
23rd September 2010 
24th September 2010

25th September 2010

26th September 2010

27th September 2010

28th September 2010

29th September 2010

30th September 2010

1st October 2010

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  1. heidi

    love the photo’s rob, the night shots are great. love the blog too, very well done.

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