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Toodyay, Applecross, Brigadoon

Tree near Bells Rapids, Brigadoon. New photo albums have been added. I have revisited some of the places that I enjoyed taking photos of in the last six months. I love to revisit places in different seasons and under different lighting conditions to see how much the area has changed. There are a few other new albums as well, these are just my favourites at the moment. 

Dragon tree, finds new life after the fire.

  The most recent photos of Toodyay are pretty interesting. Even though just over half a year has past, there are some badly affected parts of Toodyay that are now only just starting to show signs of life.

My favourite shot of the day. I used a CPL and an ND4 filter to slow down the exposure and sharpen the image. This image is not photoshopped.The Yacht club at Applecross was also fun to revisit. This time to experiment with a circular polarising filter and a neutral density filter. I achieved some interesting effects.

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