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Kare Udon Recipe

Kare udon Curry (Kare) Udon Recipe

Delicious udon noodles in an amazing Japanese golden curry soup.

We discovered the awesomeness of Kare udon on holiday in Japan. A friend recommended we try kare udon while we were in Kyoto, but it wasn’t until we got to Harajuku we were finally had a chance. It was served in very large bowls and we were offered paper bibs, which in hindsight are a great idea regardless of how competent with chopsticks and a spoon you are…

Kare udon is so amazingly delicious I very quickly researched and worked out how to make a great version at home. The best part is that it is super quick and super easy to make.

Kare udon vegetables

120g S&B Golden Curry sauce mix. This comes in a block of curry roux and looks a little bit like chocolate. You can get this in most Australian supermarkets now. The curry roux is available in mild, medium and hot.
S&B Golden curry sauce mix10 grams of bonito or or chicken stock powder and 1300ml water.
1 onion roughly sliced, 1 potato and 1 carrot diced in large pieces. Optional celery stick and/or any other complementary veggies
1 tablespoon mirin
1 tablespoon sake
1/2 tablespoon soy sauce
2-4 serves of udon noodles



braise the onions in soy, sake and mirinAdd the sliced onion mirin, sake and soy to a deep pot and braise the onions until nearly clear .

Add vegetrables

Add two diced chicken thighs and cook until mostly done.

Add roughly diced vegetables: one or two carrots, a stick of celery, a diced potato or two and any others you might like that are on hand really.

Add a litre  of weakish stock (10g stock powder in Curry roux1.3 litres water) I like bonito stock but chicken is good too. Bring stock to a simmer then add a whole 120 gram block of s&b mild golden curry roux. Cook until the potatoes are soft adding up to another 300ml of stock as it cooks to keep it from getting too thick; you want a thick curry soup, but not a stew.

Kare udonWhile the curry is simmering and the potatoes are softening separately blanch English spinach, or Asian greens like choy sum or bok choy and put to one side. Cook then strain udon noodles and place a serve into a big bowl. Once the vegetables are cooked ladle the curry on top of the noodles then top with a small bundle of blanched greens (reheated greens by pouring hot water over and straining). cauliflower, broccoli or corn kernels, corn on the cob also works well. Or you can just have the amazingly delicious curry on its own with the noodles.

Kare UdonThis is a very forgiving recipe that works with just about what ever you have on hand. You can add different vegetables, different meat

(pork or beef work well too), or no meat, or skip the onion mirin sake step altogether.

Kare udon

I usually end up adding way too many vegetables and more than double the ingredients so I need an extra half a block of curry roux and more stock.

I use the bonito powder sachets and water for stock. Or sometimes chicken stock cubes. They’re cheaper than ready made stock. A couple of times I have needed to throw a meal together in under 10 minutes so I’ve skipped the meat and used frozen veg and frozen udon noodles and had an excellent meal ready to go in no time at all. This can be a very complex, and amazingly tasty dish that is quick to cook. Or it can be pared right back to a super fast very basic meal that can be made in almost no time at all.

On the right is an example where I have topped Kare udon with a buttered corn cob, shimeji and enoki mushrooms, some okra and some blanched green stringless beans.

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