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The Melting Moments Biscuit Recipe

Melting Moments – The Ultimate indulgence.

The very best recipe for melting moments I have ever encountered. These biscuits have become near legend in the offices I have worked in around Perth. I still get the odd forlorn message from ex-workmates letting me know they miss my biscuits…. When I cook them for my current workplace I always make a jar to send to our second office.   It’s a big call, but I would say these would be near the top of the list as an all time greatest biscuit. My favourite biscuits to cook, share and of course eat, they are quite fragile and have a momentary gentle biscuit crunch to them before they dissolve into a gentle lemon tang.

Unusual equipment

I always use a biscuit press, this allows the biscuit mix to be made super light.

I use the heart-shaped cutter, not out of any particular fondness for heart shapes, but because they stack well in a jar and are just the right bite size once the two biscuit halves are assembled. The biscuit press also ensures I have uniform biscuit halves. The one in the picture is about 30 years old and made of Aluminium, It has a few attachments that are great for icing and for filling profiteroles. You can buy stainless steel ones at most homewares shops for under $40. I keep using this one mostly for the nostalgia. I grew up with my Mum using it for Italian style biscuits, and have now borrowed/taken ownership of it. The disc that produces the heart-shaped biscuits is leaning against the body of the press in the picture.

Melting Moments Recipe



250g butter

1/3 cup icing sugar

1½  cups plain flour

½ cup corn flour

Lemon Cream Icing

60g butter

½ cup icing sugar

1 teaspoon of finely grated lemon rind

3 teaspoons lemon juice

½ teaspoon of vanilla bean extract

Biscuit Method

Start by whipping softened butter with electric beaters. The butter must be soft, but definitely not liquid. Add the icing sugar in parts and whip until combined and the mix is light and fluffy.

Add the corn flour in parts and  mix well, until it is all combined. The texture should be smooth and light like in the picture on the left.

Add plain flour in half cup amounts and mix well after each addition. The aim is to keep a light, soft, smooth mixture that will be able to be forced through a piping bag or biscuit press.

Spoon into a biscuit press and press the biscuits onto a lightly greased tray. Or you can use a very strong piping bag to pipe rosettes on to a lightly greased oven tray.

Bake in moderate oven 10-12 minutes or until golden brown. 

Cool on wire rack. As you can see, I tend to do a double batch I don’t ever make “just a couple” of anything…

Join biscuits with lemon cream icing.

Lemon Cream Icing Method

Whip butter and lemon zest with electric beaters. Gradually add sifted icing sugar and continue beating until mixture is light and creamy.  Gradually add lemon juice and vanilla. Add extra icing sugar as needed to ensure a stiff icing mixture.

Use a butter knife to spread the icing onto the back of a biscuit, press down the other half and then load into your jar or barrel.

Makes about 40 complete biscuits using a press. These will keep for about a week and a half in an airtight container and are usually even better on the second day.

The freshly made Melting Moments will be very fragile and the icing takes a while to set firm. This is why I stack mine carefully into a tall container ready to be eaten the next day.

Melting Moments

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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  1. kell1976

    Ooh, these look lovely! They look a bit like the Viennese biscuits my Grom used to make – she put them together with buttercream icing and I always loved them. I might have to give this recipe a try!

  2. jessiebean

    I just made these, I couldn’t resist substituting custard powder for cornflour and they are just wonderful I like the fact they are so light and small, the problem with most Yo-Yos/melting moments is that cafes and bakeries make them waay too big so you end up with a chalky brick type device which although it is delicious is hard to eat with dignity and far too much. This is one of the only biscuit press recipes I have used that has worked with out many hours of frustrating tweaking. Good work. Mine are resting in a tin to be devoured tomorrow and aside from being rather more yellow, do look and taste just like yours look and you have decribed!

  3. onefrowningredhead

    what a brilliant idea, I have never thought to use custard powder, that would add an interesting richness to the mix.
    Thank you for the feedback and for the great idea to try custard powder. I have also experimented with a tiny bit of cream cheese in the icing mix which reduces the shelf life but does make for a different texture.
    I can’t agree with you more on how much better melting moments are using a biscuit press, they are a lot lighter more delicate and refined than the giant chalk things a lot of cafes try to hawk as melting moments…
    Thanks for the comment, hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Lilly

    Stumbled across your blog, while munching on a melting moment. It felt like rummaging through a treasure chest, with nooks and crannies full of different little pieces. I think I will have a break from study tomorrow and put your recipe to the test. I have dubbed my friend the queen of melting moments and have an urge to claim the title off her. Your recipe may be the secret.
    There was one thing I was curious about, you work in an office – what do you do…you just seemed a little bit artsy and retro (judging by your kitchen utensils) and I thought it odd place for you to be. On second thoughts, that might be a bit personal but I will leave it out there – one of the many wonderful things about freedom is that you don’t have to answer nosey guests, who visit your blog 80)

  5. onefrowningredhead

    Thanks for reading. You’ll have to let me know how the biscuits turned out. 🙂
    I am the bussiness support coordinator for a building supplies manufacturer. It is a surprisingly interesting job, but people zone out when I describe what i actually do because there is no way to make paperwork, invoices, pricing, stats and fleet vehicle management sound exciting. I have always loved arty things, photography, painting, puzzles, reading, cooking and creating things, but now I revel in them because they are so very different from what I do for work. Cooking is one of my favourite ways to relax.
    I am in the process of getting ready to move, so the updates are not being done as often as I would like, but I have about another twenty recipes already photographed and a heap of reallly nifty general photography to put up. Best of luck with your studies and thanks for the kind comments.

  6. Bebe and Bruce

    I have been looking for a good melting moments recipe for such a long time. My granny made them with a cookie press and a filling as well. Thank you from TEXAS!

  7. Amy

    Yum! I just made these biscuits and they’re just as good as you promised and exactly like my Nan used to make. Though rather than a lemon icing I made passionfruit, blackberry and cherry icing (all seperate) Sooo good! These are by far the best biscuits I’ve made for ages, thanks for the recipe, it’s a keeper!

  8. maaria

    omg these look bloody amazing

    would it work if instead of lemon i melted chocolate and added that in?

    and how many biscits do these make?

  9. onefrowningredhead

    I’ve made these with a dark chocolate butter cream before, it works pretty well. The biscuits are super fragile so I don’t generally use them as a base for chocolate biscuits.
    With a biscuit press the mixture makes about 40 complete biscuits.

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