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Thai Ginger Chicken

Thai Ginger Chicken

A very easy recipe that is bursting with flavour and a great introduction to Thai and Asian cooking.

This is my own recipe mostly cobbled together from a lot of trial and error. I am mad for ginger, hair colour jokes aside, and  fell in love with this dish when I went to Thailand for the first time. I would order it every chance I got and never got sick of it. There really is nothing more refreshing after a long hot day of shopping, sight-seeing and trying not to get sunburnt, than sitting down to a good portion of ginger chicken and a Chivas Regal. ahhh.

So here is my recipe and I feel it tastes pretty close to if not better than anything I have had in Thailand.

This recipe is very forgiving and can be adjusted very easily to suit different tastes.


Oyster sauce (maggi) 2 big tablespoons.

Fish sauce – be sparing! about 2 teaspoons to taste, then more as you see fit… this has a strong flavour and smell.

¼ – ½ cup of chicken stock

2 big chicken breasts finely sliced, against the grain.

1 large knob of ginger grated into long strands (peel then grate (fine side of the grater) with the grain, should give roughly half to ¾ cup loosely packed grated ginger)

Galangal can be substituted in place of ginger or included with it and makes for a lighter less bitey and more fragrant dish but it can be hard to find fresh and really is at its best in fresh form

1 large tsp of minced garlic
2 field mushrooms sliced.  

3 Kaffir lime leaves. Remove vein and slice very, very finely

1 bruised stick of lemongrass (optional if you can’t find it at your supermarket)

1 tablespoon of sweet chilli sauce.

1 brown onion roughly diced

1 tablespoon of lime juice, same as for the fish sauce: be sparing and add more to suit your taste near the end.

1 smallish carrot julienned.

1 bunch of spring onions chopped – including the long green ends – do not discard.

Small amount of oil to fry off your onion.


 Prepare all of the vegetables first, then set aside ready to use.

 In a deep pan quickly cook off the brown onions and garlic in a few teaspoons worth of oil.

Add chicken and quickly seal off by moving around the pan,

Turn heat down, add carrots, and grated ginger. Cook for a few minutes add some stock to de-glaze pan if necessary.

Add the rest of the stock. And bruised lemon grass stick whole if you have it.

Add oyster sauce, lime juice fish sauce and chilli sauce. Cook for a few minutes then adjust amounts of each to suit your taste.

Depending on the sweetness of the chilli sauce you use you may need to add a teaspoonful of sugar to balance the flavours. (you can add a bit of soy if they dish is not salty enough)

Add more stock or water if there is not enough sauce, although the dish should not have too much liquid or be runny.

Add lime leaves, spring onions, and mushrooms, cook the rawness out of the spring onion but do not over cook at this point. The spring onions should be cooked but firm, the lime leaves heated enough to release their fragrance and the  mushrooms just cooked through. (I like chillies so I normally add a hand full of chopped fresh chillis at this point. I usually add a few small sprigs of fresh coriander as well but I left these out of the recipe as they are not to everyone’s taste.)

 Serve immediately over steamed rice and enjoy!

Some information about products

For people who don’t often venture into the realms of Asian cooking:

Kaffir lime leaves are available in the herbs section in most local supermarkets and greengrocers and will keep in the freezer for months.

Fish sauce is useful for a lot of different dishes and is usually used sparingly; it  will keep in the cupboard for many months. Oyster Sauce is the base for tons of Chinese and Asian dishes and will keep in the fridge for a few months, not that I have ever had a bottle last more than a few weeks, I usually keep some spare in the pantry.  Galangal and ginger can be frozen but are best bought fresh.

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  3. Mark Vice

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