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Chilli Jam – Simple, savoury and delicious.

Chilli Jam Recipe

Excellent simple savoury chilli jam recipe; perfect with cheese and wine. Not hot at all; just bursting with flavour.

A work friend used to make and sell this jam and would not part with the recipe. It has taken a few months to find a recipe that tastes the same with the same consistency. I was surprised how simple this recipe is, how very few ingredients it has and how incredible it tastes. This has become a family favourite, it works great with as part of a cheese platter/chips and dips platter at a BBQ. It also often wins out over chocolate for an evening snack while watching movies or the TV.


  • 1kg white sugar.
  • 600ml apple cider vinegar.
  • 1x 50g packet of jamsetta or equivalent pectin product (enough pectin for 600g of fruit).
  • 300g red capsicum, cored and deseeded (red peppers).
  • 300g red chillies – deseeded, all white coloured pith scraped/cut off and the rinsed thoroughly. (all heat is removed if all seeds and white parts are scraped out and the chillies are washed thoroughly, add some seeds back to increase heat if desired.

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