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Origami – Angel

Origami - Dama


Origami - DamaFolded by Robert Harwood

This is one of my most favorite origami models of all time. The model was designed by Mario Adrados Netto and is called “Dama”. His version is slightly menacing in aspect, when I fold it I soften the lines on the wings more and give it a much more gentle appearance overall. This model is folded by me from a single 15 cm square of foil backed paper. The final model height is about 7cm.

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Origami is great!

Origami Pegasus. Folded from a 15cm square of foil backed paper. Model height is about 4cm.

Origami Pegasus.

I’ve been playing with origami since I was six this is one of the models I have folded on my desk at work.

This is a pretty impressive model yet surprisingly easy to make, I can find the diagram info if anyone is interested.

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