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Tiffany cupcakes

Tiffany cupcakes

A client wanted Tiffany themed cupcakes that had a bit of “bling”.

I achieved the look by covering chocolate cupcakes with ganache and fondant then adding fondant bows. The bracelets, chains, hearts and keys were piped in grey royal icing then painted with an edible metallic silver food paint. To make the chains really sparkle I then painted them with edible silver glitter. I apply the glitter by mixing it with a small amount of vodka. I was really happy with the end result and added a few variations with brush embroidery style royal icing decoration.

The cupcakes looked amazing on the night and the glitter really caught the light making the chains look like really sparkly silver jewelry.

   IMG_4244Tiffany cupcakes












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Rhino wedding cake

Africa themed Wedding cake I made for my brother and sister in law. They have been studying and planning for the last few years to move to Africa and help save endangered rhinos and working on wildlife conservation projects. This is a layered ganache and chocolate cake, covered in ganache and then fondant.

rhinoceros wedding cake

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Modelling paste giraffe

_DSC4138A friend set me an interesting challenge. She wanted a giraffe themed cake for her niece’s 7th birthday party.

I suggested a 3D giraffe made from modelling paste, and asked her to check with her niece if she wanted a more realistic or a cartoon style giraffe. Her niece is obsessed with giraffes because she was born on the same day as one of the giraffes at Perth Zoo. I set to work studying pictures of giraffes for the next week and after looking at how other people tackled the task. I decided to do it differently from what I saw online with and do a free standing giraffe with four separate legs.  I sculpted the giraffe in modelling paste, supporting the neck and the legs with wooden bamboo skewers. I allowed the model to dry overnight, then coated it with a thin coat of pale yellow royal icing to get a smooth porcelain like finish. I then painted on the detail with food dye mixed with water and a very small amount of left over royal icing. The flowers are some of the left over modelling paste.

I was incredibly happy with the final result. The giraffe is made using my home made modelling paste recipe and the fondant is my home made fondant recipe. Making your own fondant and modelling paste, saves an absolute fortune and is easier than most people would expect. My Modelling paste recipe can be found by clicking here. My fondant recipe is here.

Modelling paste giraffe

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Baby Shower Fondant Cake

My sister in law wanted a unique and interesting baby shower cake. I asked her to look for a few pictures of cakes she liked then send them to me. My fiance and I worked on our own design based on some of the ideas she sent through. The cake is rich chocolate layered with …

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Rollout Fondant Icing Recipe

Christmas cake

This recipe makes enough icing to cover a 6” cake with a 0.5 to 0.9cm thick layer of icing. (I tend to roll it a lot thinner and stretch to stretch it over bigger cakes). The fondant created is soft and pliable, good for quickly sealing and decorating a simple cake. For more advanced cakes it will set hard in about two days, making it perfect for creating a firm base for decorating more intricate fruit cakes for weddings etc.  I also use it for coarsely modelled flowers like the ones on the top of the Christmas cakes in my photos. You should use modelling paste really, but I find it works just fine with a bit more glycerine as long as you model the flowers quickly.

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