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Kare Udon Recipe

We discovered the awesomeness of Kare udon on holiday in Japan. A friend recommended we try kare udon while we were in Kyoto, but it wasn’t until we got to Harajuku we were finally had a chance. It was served in very large bowls and we were offered paper bibs, which in hindsight are a great idea regardless of how competent with chopsticks and a spoon you are…
Kare udon is so amazingly delicious I very quickly researched and worked out how to make a great version at home. The best part is that it is super quick and super easy to make.

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Katsu Chicken with Tonkatsu Sauce Recipe

Katsu Chicken, with Tonkatsu Sauce Recipe

This is one of my favourite Japanese dishes, which amusingly is a variation of Tonkatsu which is effectively the Japanese take on pork schnitzel.

Tonkastu sauce on its own has a quite acidic, nearly metallic flavour. Over Kastsu chicken or Katsu pork (tonkatsu) it is amazing. It has the ability to soak past the crunchy coating to the meat without making the coating soggy.

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