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Housewarming cake with royal icing key cake topper.

A close family friend asked if we would make a cake for their house warming. I wanted to reference their home’s colour theme: it is decorated in white, Tiffany blue and shades of aqua. The biggest problem was identifying what motifs work for a housewarming. I eventually found a neat house shaped cookie cutter to make fondant silhouettes around the cake, but I was having difficulty deciding on a cake topper.

After much deliberation I settled on the idea of a key for the topper. I looked at a number of shops for a nice key ornament I could use, but couldn’t find one. In a moment of inspiration I decided to make my own, piping one with royal icing onto a wooden skewer. I Googled “Ornate keys”, printed a picture of a key I liked the shaped of, placed it under grease proof paper and copied the shaped in icing; leaving each layer a couple of hours to dry.
I was very happy with the result of this experiment. It was the first time I have tried to create a “3D” model out of piped royal icing.



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